Innoserve has always been referred by telecom industry professionals on projects where nobody has technical expertise to cater the unusual and unique requirement of customer to which out of box workable solution is formulated by our team, nobody is willing to work due to site difficulty, extreme weather environment, bad law and order situation etc. and we have the requisite resources for the special and unique activities.

  • Borehole drilling, sampling and In-Situ Standard Penetration Testing


  • Tower foundation & column concrete strength test using core cutting


  • Ferro scanning to check cover, dia and spacing of reinforcement


  • Collecting & repairing steel samples for slab & column

To re-perform a test of soil investigation handed over the soil sample keeping in mind the proper bagging/packaging of collected samples as per industry standards.

The drilling of boreholes may be carried out using light percussion method.

The Standard Penetration Test (SPT) may be performed at a depth interval of 1.0-1.5 meters and accordingly visually inspected.

A description of Soil Sample recovered and the number of blows of the standard hammer used in SPTs for successive 15cm of penetration will be recorded on field borehole logs.

Compressive strength test on drilled concrete cores is required to determine the strength of hardened concrete in structure. Cores may be drilled from all columns and base slab.

Ferro scanning is performed to check cover, dia and spacing of reinforcement. Existing reinforcement will be mapped to ensure that Rebound Hammer Test are performed away from existing reinforcement and cores are drilled so that reinforcement is not cut.

Collecting steel samples for slab and column as per defined procedure and thereafter repairing the exposed portion of concrete by using rapid hardening concrete.