Innoserve has planned its activities keeping under consideration maximum stakeholders which may be benefitted on respective sites especially the local populace.

We actively engage the general public by creating opportunities i.e.

  • Hiring unskilled locals and utilizing them for labour works on every new site/location where communication towers civil works projects are planned
  • Giving mandatory short trainings to equip and giving awareness for safety and techniques for performing required works
  • Paying local labour wages above market rate to fulfill their basic needs and improve their standard of living
  • Making investment by utilizing machinery resources for making of access roads/infrastructure for local of the areas for easy movement from their native towns to nearby cities
  • Selecting handicapped resources to provide them with opportunities who can work as per their expertise
  • Support local people by providing them transportation on their occasions and emergencies during our stay at respective locality

Stakeholder engagement activities are an integral part of our sustainability commitments. We have engagement strategies that vary according to the nature of the local community.

These are on-going initiatives which Innoserve team executes and we as a team highly value and understand our social responsibility and playing our part and extending domain every passing day.