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Innovation, honesty & integrity, safety, performance!
Calculated resources, focused execution, results beyond expectation!
Gateway to Innoserve is the art of innovation, leading to the engineering of success!
We distinguish and excel ourselves in the market on the basis of Mastery of quality and consistency!


Innoserve is capable of handling any turnkey project from conception to completion.

Our competence comprises:

  • Planning
  • Initial Surveying
  • Site Layout & Design
  • Environmental Filings
  • Acquisition, Permits & NOCs
  • Construction Drawings

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  • Project Management
  • Resources & material Managemen
  • Raw Land dismantling & Development
  • Access Path Construction on mountains
  • Site Improvement
  • Foundation Design & construction
  • AC & DC Electrical Installations
  • Power arrangement from concerned authority
  • Solar structure fabrication & installation
  • Grounding works
  • Shelter/Outdoor Installation
  • Tower Design & Installation
  • Antenna & Line Design and Installation
  • Testing and Path Alignment
  • Radio & Equipment Installation
  • Light System Installation
  • Final Landscape
  • Inspections


The management team at Innoserve has hands on experience to handle complicated situations of any magnitude across the length and breadth of country.

From initial surveys leading to site acquisition to a fully functional telecommunication facility, we have the dynamic and orientated staff that successfully completes all projects precisely and on schedule.
Innoserve team has the experience and confidence needed to participate in the highly demanding and evolving tower industry.

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We have the requisite machinery, resources and expertise which are essential to access your site on toughest mountains even in extreme weather conditions.

Demanding locations are a chance to rise to the challenge which involves innovative planning at every step because minor negligence can end up with adverse impact on resources. Though our normal means of transportation is our fleet of 4×4 vehicles but we are also equipped and may adapt cost effective means as per site requirement.

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Innoserve excels in cell tower site construction from scratch to successful completion. Innoserve have strived to always provide world class customer service and quality work within timeline at a competitive value. This has been our prime focus since the foundation of Innoserve.

We aren’t just known for our superior outcomes and persistent work ethic – we leave each build site clean. It’s that attention and focus of our talented team that gives us a strong reputation. Innoserve is prepared to meet tight schedules without sacrificing standards or safety.
In an industry in which a small oversight can have devastating consequences, Innoserve is unrelenting in its commitment to safety. Safety is our top priority which is never compromised.
From simple cell site to diverse and challenging site construction, we have the experience to take site to the next level. On a new or a raw land the first team on the site is our civil works team. Our civil teams are experienced with all types of civil works including access roads, leveling ground, installing grounding, foundation concreting, boundary wall/fence works, electrical works, new pad construction for generators and equipments, solar foundations etc. We do drilled pier foundations, pad and pier foundations as well as large mat foundations for towers. Our operators are experienced and trained on all types of construction and heavy equipment. Our equipment includes excavators, dozers, tractors, 4*4 Dyna vehicles, jeeps etc.

By providing a secure work environment, we attract experienced laborers and technicians over the long-term, ensuring high-quality, on-time completions on all our cell tower projects.

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We provide full rigging services to assemble and erecting tower as per the manufacturers and engineers design.

Innoserve team manages the pickup and delivery of your tower to the site. We provide full rigging services to assemble and erecting tower as per the manufacturers and engineers design. Our riggers are trained and experienced for assembling any kind of tower whether they are self support towers, Monopoles, Guyed Masts either on green field, mountains and roof top of highrise buildings and ensures that safety comes first.

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We provide complete telecom installations in diverse environments as per customer requirement with our dynamic and highly trained and qualified technicians and riggers.

All installations are performed as per the customer requirements. Our field staff is fully trained and experienced giving end to end solution by installing antennas, requisite cables and backup equipment, microwave dishes on both near and far ends and aligning transmission media resulting in quality operations of site.

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To effectively mobilize the people, skills, and technologies, we provide wireless tower site acquisition services and deliver solutions that maximize cost-effectiveness, without sacrificing quality, safety, or service.

We provide cell tower site acquisition to backup our turnkey solution wireless service providers. It is our top priority to obtain NOC and permission as early as possible or make an arrangement with concerned authorities and build site simultaneously. Before site selection, our team visits every site to ensure it will meet all of the power and telco availability and meets all historic, environmental, and EPA requirements. The primary goal of site acquisition is to find a location that best services your RF needs and brings new technology to the community.

Innoserve offers professional assistance locating the desired site location within a targeted regional area and proposing the appropriate type of structure that suites your RF design requirements and landlord restrictions.

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Innoserve is dedicated to keeping telecommunication network operational and running anytime, anywhere. We understand the importance of sustaining a satisfied customer base.

From quality issues to disaster recovery, our teams are available on-call for cell site corrective and major maintenance. Innoserve takes complete responsibility for resolving problems and enabling customer to focus on other segment of their business.

Civil Works Domain:

  • Treatment for Foundation cracks due to deterioration in concrete and rusty steel bars.
  • Repair of boundary wall cracks
  • Tower strengthening
  • Refurbishing dismantled site
  • Paint on tower

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Telecom Installations Domain:

  • Lighting
  • Microwave repairs
  • Generator replacement
  • Emergency microwave deployment
  • Temporary electrical routing


Innoserve has always been referred by telecom industry professionals on projects where nobody has technical expertise to cater the unusual and unique requirement of customer to which out of box workable solution is formulated by our team, nobody is willing to work due to site difficulty, extreme weather environment, bad law and order situation etc. and we have the requisite resources for the special and unique activities.

  • Borehole drilling, sampling and In-Situ Standard Penetration Testing
  • Tower foundation & column concrete strength test using core cutting
  • Ferro scanning to check cover, dia and spacing of reinforcement
  • Collecting & repairing steel samples for slab & column

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We offer multiple services as per customer requirement to keep the system and facility upto date.

Miscellaneous services include:
  • Complete installation of Solar panels including concrete foundation works
  • DG dismantling and relocation
  • Solar structure design and fabrication.

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6. Budgeting

10. Management

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11. Commission & Close


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